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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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minute I can ; and by next post, hope to give you a definitive answer whether he will submit to be a servant or not: in every other respect, I am sure he will please you.
Your friend, Mr. Fane a, would not come for us last night, nor will vote till after the Westminster election: he is brought into Parliament by the Duke of Bedford8, and is unwilling to disoblige him in this. We flattered ourselves with better success ; for last Friday, after sitting till two in the morning, we carried a Cornish election in four divisions —the first by a majority of six, then of twelve, then of fourteen, and lastly by thirty-six. You can't imagine the zeal of the young men on both sides: Lord Fitzwilliam, Lord Hartington, and my friend Coke4 on ours, are warm as possible ; Lord Quarendon ° and Sir Francis Dash wood are as violent on theirs: the former speaks often and well. But I am talking to you of nothing but Parliament; why, really, all one's ideas are stuffed with it, and you yourself will not dislike to hear things so material. The Opposition, who invent eveiy method of killing Sir E., intend to make us sit on Saturdays; but how mean and dirty is it, how scandalous! when they cannot ruin him by the least plausible means, to murder him by denying him air and exerciseR.
2 Charles Pane, only son of Lord Viscount Fane, •whom he succeeded, had heen Minister at Florence. Wai-pole.—He had also been Minister at Turin and Constantinople. He was M.P. for Tavistock, 1734-54; for Beading, 1764-61; d. 1766.
s John Kussell (1710-1771), fourth Duke of Bedford; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1744 ; Secretary of State for the Southern Province, 1748-61; KG-., 1749; Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, 1766-61; Ambassador Extraordinary at Paris, 1762; Lord President of the Council, 1763-66.
* Edward, Lord Viscount   Coke,
only son of the Earl of Leicester. He died in 1753. Walpole.
6 Q-eorge Henry Lee, Lord Viscount Quarendon, eldest son of the Earl of Litchfield, whom he succeeded in that title. Walpole.—He was born in 1718; succeeded his father in 1743; was High Steward of Oxford University, 1760; Lord of the Bedchamber, 1760; Captain of the Gentleman Pensioners, 1762; Chancellor of Oxford University, 1762 ; d. 1772.
6 Sir Robert Walpole always went every Saturday to New Park, Eich-mond, to hunt. Walpole.